Derby day


Derby day, match abandoned after crowd trouble

Derby day


Derby day, trouble inside the stadium

U17 Derby day


The usual suspects trying to get to Botev at an U17 game

Derby day


30 young Lauta Army attack at the Botev escort

Bourgas Away


08.2013: Attacking the home end in Bourgas

Botev Plovdiv Away


24.04.2003: The Usual Suspects Attacking Botev in Front of Their Ground

Botev Plovdiv Away


10.2009: Trouble inside the away end

Pernik Away


05.2010: Attacking Pernik

Bulgaria – Croatia

05.2005: Trouble Inside The Ground

Chernomorec Bourgas Away


12.10.2003: The Usual Suspects Attack The Home End

Petrich Away


11.2005: The Usual Suspects Attack at The Home End

Levski Away


03.2006: The Usual Suspects Without Escort Fighting With Levski

Blagoevgrad away


12.2006: The Usual Suspects Attack The Home Pub

Botev Away


09.2006: A Mass Brawl in City Center

Radnevo Away


03.2007: The Usual Suspects Invading The Pitch

Varna Away


11.2006:: The Usual Suspects Trying to Invade The Home End

Sevlievo Away


11.2007:: The Usual Suspects Against The Police

CSKA at Home


11.2006:: The Usual Suspects Run CSKA Sofia